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Posted:17 September 2019 | Category:

Land Rover Classic Introduce Range of Defender Performance Upgrades for Older Models

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Do you remember the classic Land Rover Defender? Well, it’s good news if you’re a fan of the old-school vehicle: Jaguar Land Rover is now offering a host of upgrades to bring it right up to date.

The classic Land Rover Defender is an iconic vehicle. The car has a history going back more than half a century and is a quintessential feature on our roads. The problem, however, is that it’s an ageing vehicle. If you own one, you have to put up with a lack of modern amenities.

Well, you did until recently. Now, though, Jaguar Land Rover says that it is offering drivers of the vehicle a host of upgrades inspired by the Defender Works V8 70th anniversary edition.

Defender Upgrade Options

So, what exactly can you upgrade on your classic Defender? A lot, according to Jaguar Land Rover.

First on the list is the wheels. If your Defender was made after 1994, JLR lets you replace the standard wheels with 18-inch Sawtooth alloys which immediately provide a modern twist on a retro classic.

If you have a Defender built after 2007, Jaguar Land Rover says that it can upgrade the suspension with a combination of revised coil spring rates, links, brushes and dampers. All of this mechanical hocus-pocus yields a much smoother ride, especially when driving on the road.

If you’re lucky enough to own one of the 2.2 L TDCi models built after 2012, then you can benefit from the full upgrade package. Here you can get the Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit in all its glory, including all of the upgrades mentioned above as well as engine and brake upgrades.

JLR says that it can help owners squeeze an extra 40 PS out of the original 122 PS engine, radically improving performance and boosting the top speed to 106 mph.

But wait a second: what about the impact of all of these upgrades on emissions standards? Well, it’s good news there too. Jaguar says that the CO2 emissions of upgraded Defenders still meet the same EU5 NI standards as the original 2.2 L turbodiesel which is welcome information.

Why Now?

The Land Rover Defender has been a popular vehicle for decides and has the classic Land Rover look that many people know and love. But why now has the company decided to allow the owners of older models to upgrade their vehicles?

According to Calum Mckechnie, Head of Land Rover Classic, it all comes back to the demand for the 70th Anniversary Edition of the Defender Works V8. People loved the original vehicle and were willing to invest in the latest variety to get the classic look paired with modern technology.

Land Rover realised, according to Mckechnie, that it could offer pretty much the same experience to anybody who had bought a Land Rover in the last seven years. The company wanted to support existing Defender owners and provide them with a vehicle that was up to date with the company’s latest technology.

So, will you upgrade your Land Rover Defender?