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Posted:16 March 2020 | Category: General

What is Land Rover Destination Zero?

Land Rover Destination Zero

With a world that is ever-more concerned with protecting the planet, Jaguar Land Rover is doing its part to contribute. By investing in an electrified footprint with a growing portfolio of electrified products across the model range, JLR is giving customers more choice to help create cleaner cities and countries. There are now more electric, plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid vehicles for customers to choose from, and it is all part of the Jaguar Land Rover Destination Zero strategy. Whether you are a current owner of a Jaguar or Land Rover or you're thinking about buying a new or used model, Jaguar Land Rover can help you find an eco-friendly option.

Land Rover Destination Zero

Destination Zero is an initiative with three main goals: to create a world with Zero Emissions, Zero Accidents, and Zero Congestion. The aim is to create healthier societies that are more sustainable and safer too. The world is changing around us, and it's essential for Land Rover vehicles to adapt to keep up with the demands of customers and the planet.

Here's a little more about the three ambitions that make up the Destination Zero strategy:

Zero Emissions

Encouraging consumer interest in zero-emissions vehicles is essential to help reduce pollution and create a greener planet. In 2018, just 1.3% of passenger vehicle sales in Europe were battery electric vehicles. Incentives, policies and advancements in technology are encouraging take-up, but it's also important for carbon to be removed from all parts of the production process.

Zero Accidents

With 1.3 million people dying in car accidents every year, something has to change. Advancements in technology can help to make improvements, with safety technology now standard in most cars.

Zero Congestion

Crawling along at a snail's pace doesn't have to be the norm in busy cities. Networked transport systems will be the intelligent solution to this problem, which contributes to carbon emissions.

Land Rover currently has a choice of plug-in hybrid models, with a fully electric model due to launch in 2021.

Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid

The Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid offers the benefits of low emissions, a high-capacity 105kW motor and a virtually silent drive. The car offers up a Parallel Hybrid mode, combining electric and petrol drive or the fully electric drive with the EV mode. PHEV features a lightweight Ingenium engine, combining it with the motor and 13kWh capacity battery.

Range Rover Sport PHEV

The Range Rover Sport PHEV offers fuel economy of 69 g/km CO2. It accelerates in just 6.7 seconds, offering 404PS horsepower and a range of up to 48km in EV mode. The whole vehicle takes as little as 7.5 hours, and the intelligent plug-in hybrid display makes it easy to drive efficiently.

The new fully electric Land Rover will soon be available too. The medium SUV will offer another option for drivers looking to find the perfect vehicle to reduce their carbon emissions and be even more efficient with fuel.

Visit Sinclair Land Rover to take a look at the possibilities for benefiting from and contributing to the Land Rover Destination Zero Initiative.