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Posted:17 January 2020 | Category: General

Does Land Rover Make an Electric Car?

Range Rover PHEV

Electric cars are the future. With a number of different types of electric vehicles available on the market, knowing which model you should go for is always going to be a dilemma. If you enjoy the style, power, comfort, and convenience of owning and driving a Land Rover, you’ll no doubt be wanting to know, does Land Rover make an electric car?

You’ll be glad to know that the answer is yes, the Range Rover PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. That means that you can have the level of luxury and superior road handling that you will be used to while also taking into consideration the impact that your driving has on the environment. 

What Is A Range Rover PHEV?

PHEV stands for ‘Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle’. What that means is that your Range Rover will use a combination of a traditional fuel-powered engine, alongside the environmentally friendly technology of a battery-powered vehicle. 

Having the best of both worlds means that if you’re taking your vehicle on a shorter spin, you can use the battery. This option will mean that you’re not going to be pumping out nasty C02 emissions. Your battery will cover you for thirty miles on a charge. 

If you want to use a combination of electric and petrol engines you can. This will provide you with much greater fuel efficiency than you would ever hope to achieve with a standard petrol vehicle. 

How Does A Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Work?

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles work by combining a zero emissions battery and electric motor with a smaller, lightweight petrol engine. Electric vehicles produce no tailpipe emissions, and are great for short commutes. But, for longer journeys where you need more reserves that the battery can offer, using parallel hybrid mode will allow you to combine the vehicles resources. This results in excellent fuel efficiency. 

You won’t have to sacrifice anything that you may expect from a traditional Range Rover. You will enjoy the same level of smoothness in your drive, without any loss of power. 

How Do You Charge Your Range Rover PHEV?

Charging your Pug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle is easy and can be done through your domestic power source. For faster charging, you can use a professionally installed charging point in your home. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to fully charge your battery from seven hours down to just two.

You may be able to get financial assistance towards the installation costs of a home charging point from the government’s Electric Home Charge Scheme.

What Models Are Available?

Currently, there are two models available. The Range Rover PHEV, and the Range Rover Sport PHEV. The Range Rover PHEV offers everything that you might expect from a classic Range Rover, alongside the enhanced efficiencies that the electric hybrid engine has to offer. The Range Rover Sport PHEV provides agility and performance with lower emissions. 

Why not arrange a test drive with Sinclair Land Rover so that you can experience the power and efficiency of the Range Rover PHEV for yourself?