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Posted:24 May 2019 | Category:

Is the Land Rover Evoque 4 Wheel Drive?

Is the Land Rover Evoque 4 Wheel Drive?

Are you thinking about purchasing a Land Rover? You might be interested in the Evoque. While the Evoque is a beautiful vehicle, it has stirred up quite a lot of controversy. This is based mainly on the aesthetic of the vehicle. Land Rover enthusiasts have suggested that the model is not as sturdy or rough and rugged as other options on the market. This has led to the idea that the Evoque is not suitable for off-road use. However, if you do take a chance on different terrains, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this vehicle.

Is the Land Rover Evoque 4WD?

You might think that the Evoque is just an example of style over substance. Some have even suggested that it looks like a sports car rather than an all-terrain vehicle. However, while it does have looks to kill nothing could be further from the truth. If you purchase a Land Rover Evoque, you will be pleased to discover that this vehicle does provide a fantastic option for those looking for a great 4-wheel drive vehicle. While this will serve you well on the road, if you do decide to try out some tougher terrain, this vehicle will not let you down. Instead, it will take you up the steepest slopes and the rockiest paths with ease. The Evoque is even favoured for industrial purposes for businesses that need a high-performance vehicle, regardless of the type of terrain.

Off-Road Features

You might be wondering why the Land Rover Evoque is such a smart option for those who are looking at purchasing a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Well, there are a number of features and design options that make this a fantastic choice.

Let’s start by exploring durability. It’s crucial that an off-road car is able to withstand the toughest bumps and knocks. First, the Evoque has a tough isolated frame at the front and rear of the vehicle. As well as this, the car boasts a monocoque body-shell which provides a stiff, solid structure.

The 4WD system itself is also innovative and utilises that latest advanced technology. Regardless of what type of terrain you are exploring, you will find that the car can adapt to meet the needs. Both intrinsic and responsive, this system has been designed to offer users the ultimate level of versatility.

Advanced features include terrain response, wade sensing, hill descent control, gradient release control and all-terrain progress control.

This ensures that the vehicle can handle steep slopes and is ideal for driving through everything from deep puddles to flowing streams. With a vast level of features, you’ll find that the vehicle is a great car for both navigating the mountains and potentially just cruising through traffic.

Discover the Evoque Today

We hope this puts your mind at ease about whether or not the Land Rover Evoque does offer 4-wheel drive capabilities. Indeed, once you try your hands behind the wheel, we think you’ll be thrilled with what’s on offer here. This isn’t just a beautiful vehicle. It’s one of the best options for off-road use on the market today.

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