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Posted:08 June 2020 | Category:

Latest glimpse of the 2022 Range Rover Sport

The Ranger Rover Sport, set to be released in 2022, is getting some changes from the old model. This model is in competition with the Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes GLS, and BMW X7, so updates will reflect the ability to keep up with these competitors.

External Changes

This is the fifth-generation of the Range Rover and still has the same standard-wheelbase, which can be seen when compared to the new Land Rover Defender. The new model retains the box-like proportions, the same flat bonnet, and the flatter front end.

It is unclear what some of the other updates and tweaks will be, but it seems like the headlights and tail lights are going to look a little sleeker when compared to the current model.

Internal Changes

All the versions of the Range Rover have featured lots of internal space and spacious layouts to comfortably fit at least four adults, and there is no sign that this model will be any different. A version with a long-wheelbase will also give buyers an option to add an executive seating pack for the second row. This option will add larger rear seats that can be adjusted for even more comfort.

The next-generation 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system that was first introduced with the all-new Defender will also likely make an appearance. This system showcases a pair of very powerful processors and a Blackberry operating system. The operating system allows it to be used as an entertainment center for music streaming or to update over-the-air without any loss of performance.

There is no way to conclusively confirm technical details that will be included, but it is safe to say that electrification will be on centre stage when it comes to the Range Rover’s engine. So far, only two cars (the all-new Range Rover crossover and the next Range Rover Sport) feature the Land Rover’s MLA platform, but it is likely that the 2022 Range Rover Sport will become the third.

A fully electric twin-motor could be supported by the MLA, but the initial launch of the vehicle isn’t expected to utilize it. Since JLR is trying to strengthen the range of electrified and powerful vehicles it offers, it is likely that it will be available in milk and plug-in hybrid versions.

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