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Posted:16 December 2019 | Category: General

How to prepare your Land Rover for the Winter

Land Rover Winter Driving

An excellent winter driving tip is to buy a Land Rover. Land Rovers are robust and their ability to go off-road makes them perfect for adverse weather conditions. Still, owning a big 4x4 Land Rover isn’t enough to keep you safe all of the time. Even with a Land Rover, there are things you can do to ensure you don’t slip or slide on the roads in the winter. Plus, imagine how indestructible your Land Rover will be once it has upgraded safety features!

All you have to do is continue reading. Underneath are the best winter driving tips for all motorists regardless of your vehicle.

Don’t Leave Yourself Exposed

Driving in a vehicle the size of a Land Rover can often make you feel invincible. Therefore, it’s tempting to take routes other cars can’t because you think you’ll make light work of it in your beast of a motor. Unfortunately, this attitude is what leads to people becoming unstuck. While a Land Rover can go off-road, it’s not a brilliant car for the snow as it isn’t adapted to tackle the white stuff. With that in mind, it’s better to stick to areas of the road that are well gritted and have plenty of traction, as well as expertly lit.

Avoid Overtaking

Other motorists might go slow as they are anxious about the conditions, whereas you and your Land Rover are making light work of the icy roads. However, this doesn’t mean you should become impatient and try and overtake other drivers and cyclists. For one thing, it’s impossible to tell how they’ll react. Secondly, the conditions might prevent your vehicle from functioning as per usual. And, lastly, there are high winds to factor into your driving style. A strong gale is enough to cause a Land Rover to change direction suddenly, particularly in the winter. So, be patient and stay behind unless you’re sure the level of risk is low.

Run the Engine For Five Minutes

The morning is usually the coldest time of day for a motorist. After all, the sun hasn’t burnt the ice off yet, and most people don’t drive in the dead of night. Therefore, it’s vital to take measures early on in the morning to prepare you for your journey. The best and easiest is to turn on your engine five minutes before leaving. This prevents the power unit from freezing and gives you time to clear the windshield so that you have maximum visibility.

Get It Checked Regularly

Winter is a terrible time to drive because the cold weather can make a mountain out of a molehill. Take the car’s interior as an example. Once the seals are past their best, the condensation, and moisture, that builds as a result of the outside weather will get into the electrics. And, because lots of safety features rely on electricity, it’s enough to stop the airbags, ABS or engine from working correctly. By getting it checked regularly, even for little problems, you can prepare your car for the long-term rather than the short-term.

Get your Sinclair Land Rover service now to ensure peace of mind when you’re driving this winter.